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Archive Download

Select an older version of our software using the drop-down menu below. Each version is listed with its release date.

If you have an expired software license key, you will need to use a version of the software that was released before the key expiration date.


For Use With NI-DAQ

To use National Instruments Hardware with your Pinnacle recording set-up, you must first install a Sirenia suite that includes Sirenia Acquisition with Nidaq support. Please select one of the compatible versions listed in the drop-down menu below.

After successfully installing our software, you will need to install the compatible NI-DAQmx software version from the National Instruments website. A link is also provided below. Note that this is a large download.

Click here for detailed set-up instructions.


Sirenia® Software Download

To install, download the zip file using one of the download buttons below, extract the files, and run Setup.exe. For more information, view the detailed instructions.

Version 2.2.2

Note on Apple computers.

Have a previous version of the software installed?
Because of changes to the installation program, we recommend you uninstall any previous version of Sirenia® prior to installing the new version.

Like to know what changes and updates were made in each version?
To view the change log, click here.
To view a list of open source libraries used, click here.

Want to be notified when a new version of Sirenia is released?
Please sign up for our software updates mailing list here.

Download archived or NI-DAQ compatible versions of Sirenia. We recommend you uninstall any previous version of Sirenia® prior to installing the archived version.


If you are using National Instruments hardware