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Optogenetics Systems

Pinnacle's turn-key optogenetics system offers a straightforward solution for a wide range of optogenetic experimental models. Our improved system seamlessly integrates optogenetic control with simultaneous biopotential, neurotransmitter and behavioral recordings to accommodate a number of experimental models and our improved optogenetic toolset allows more precise targeting of specific circuits and structures.

Click on the video below to see our system in action as optogenetic stimulation triggers a seizure event, in vivo, in a transgenic mouse.

The Optogenetics Interface Module is the heart of the system. It offer precise control of optical stimulation duration and intensity for both continuous and cyclical events.

Our 8401-HS data conditioning and acquisition system (DCAS) performs secondary amplification and filtering before sending data to Pinnacle's SIRENIA Acquisition software of collection via USB.

A low-torque commutator allows unencumbered movement for mice. And since the light source is at the headmount, no optical commutator needed.

Our headstages amplify and filter the signal at the headmount to deliver clean, artifact-free data.

Prefabricated headmounts reduce surgery time and allow precise, reproducible electrode placement. Include ready-to-insert EMG leads with EMG placement at 90° or 270°.

An optional, SYNCHRONIZED VIDEO SYSTEM is available.

  • Hardware
  • Wireless
  • Headstages
  • LED Probes
  • Depth Electrode

Optogenetics Headstages

A number of headstage configurations are available for optogenetic experiments. Users can select headstages that solely contain optical stimulation or combine optogenetics with biopotential and neurotransmitter recordings. The entire system configuration can be modified simply by changing the type of headstage, enabling researchers to customize the system to their current experimental needs. Each headstage can be bought separately or in a kit that contains surgical tools and disposables for your first four animal surgeries.

1 or 2 Opto
1 Opto, 1 Biosensor
1 Opto, 3 EEG
2 Opto, 3 EEG
1 Opto, 3 EEG, 1 Biosensor
1 Opto, 2 EEG, 1 EMG
2 Opto, 2 EEG, 1 EMG
1 Opto, 2 EEG/1 EMG, 1 Biosensor
1 Opto, 4 EEG

Cables for one animal, software, and manuals are included with hardware kits.
Gray items are available, however they are not yet in our online store. Please Contact Pinnacle for more information.