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SIRENIA SEIZURE PRO SOFTWARE | EEG EMG Software, Sirenia Seizure Pro, Identification and Analysis

The SIRENIA® SEIZURE PRO advanced analysis package provides a platform for quickly identifying and analyzing user-defined seizure events over a given time period. Once verified, events are logged in a database, and EEG/EMG data are automatically analyzed and stored to create customizable reports and graphs of aggregate seizure data. Third-party EDF files can be imported for analysis.


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Possible seizure events are identified and marked by user-configured parameters, including power, line length, and frequency range. Users can define baseline or seizure parameters for individual animals by highlighting a portion of data. The software scans the entire file and annotates data matching the defined parameters. Users review and confirm seizure events, adjust the analysis window (if necessary), and log EEG/EMG data for advanced analysis. Spectral plots and heat maps are available to confirm seizure events. Racine’s scale ratings, seizure classification, and notes can be added to any logged event for future reporting.


When automated analysis is performed on stored EEG/EMG data, the characteristics of each seizure event are quantified over time. The following seizure characteristics are included in the analysis:


Customizable plots and graphs provide users a powerful and innovative way to review and analyze seizure data. Power spectra bands, spectrograms, and timelines of user-defined seizure characteristics are generated using these tools. All charts and graphs can be easily saved as high-resolution images for use in publications and presentations.


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